Board Update 23.09.22

DPAG enters a new phase

Following the Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) of Dumfries Partnership Action Group (DPAG), the new board of trustees has quickly set to work.

Among the 10 trustees appointed, five new faces join five already part of the initial DPAG group.

Extensive public engagement went into the Dynamically Different Dumfries project and will continue to be the cornerstone of the project, said Tony Fitzpatrick, DPAG Trustee and spokesperson.

“A lot of interest and energy went into the IGM, and as new trustees, we are keen to build on that momentum. We have already met three times and our Chair, Rod Cowan, has held one-to-one meetings with each of the trustees,” said Tony.

“We have a well-considered Action Plan in the Dynamically Different Dumfries (DDD) document. We have also come together in times of genuine anxiety for individuals, businesses, projects, and agencies. We must understand our local partners’ current concerns, needs, and priorities to develop an effective strategy.”

The action plan document, backed by councillors, resulted from two years of work involving residents in the community, businesses, and other stakeholders with key themes of inclusivity and diversity, net-zero carbon, innovation, and creativity.

Building on the excellent previous work, DPAG will connect current efforts and drive priority projects from the Action Plan.

The group depends on trustees’ voluntary input, says Tony, but is determined to make a difference to Dumfries’ future.

“It is early days for the new group, but we are determined to capitalise on much of the good work going on in Dumfries. We are likewise determined to face the genuine challenges of Covid recovery and the impact of the cost-of-living crises,” says Tony.

“Regular updates will be provided, but the DPAG general membership and anyone interested should keep in touch, feed us ideas, and help wherever they think they can. The DDD Action Plan is a good starting place if you want to know more.”

For a copy of the DDD Action Plan, visit:

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