Board of Trustees

Robin Wishart (Chair)

Robin has worked for the regeneration of Dumfries town centre over many years. Which has included work within Loreburn Community Council of which Robin is Secretary and previously Chair. Robin has represented Loreburn Community Council on the Dumfries Partnership Action Group and is hopeful that the creation of the new DPAG SCIO will lead to real achievement and contribute to the transformation of Dumfries Town Centre into the Vibrant Heart of a Thriving Region.
Robin is an advocate for the creation of more good quality residential accommodation within the central area of Dumfries and extending the great work of Midsteeple Quarter. Robin also believes, a major clean up and facelift scheme is essential. In recognising the scale of the challenge before us, Robin says – “Working together, we can make a difference”.

Mark Andrew Smith (Treasurer)

Mark has been involved with DPAG from soon after its inception and helped to develop the organisation into a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), dealing with OSCR in applying for its registration, as a founding trustee. Mark is currently responsible for Kings Coffee & Books, on behalf of the owners; the River of Life Church and has been involved with town centre for many years, as far back as 1986, when he and his wife started Smiths Home & Garden (later sold to Farm Foods).

Both through Kings and pastoral ministry with the River of Life Church, Mark has a passionate interest in the local community - seeking to make Dumfries a better place socially, economically and spiritually.

Kenny Bowie

Kenny has lived in Dumfries for 35 years and through this time, has watched the many changes within the town and wants to become involved in its future regeneration. As President of DG Chamber of Commerce Kenny wants to establish good links to help local business through the transition and growth planned.

Kenny also supports Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) which establishes the links between business and young people with the skills required from our young people to find their chosen career paths. He aIso chairs the young enterprise company programme in Dumfries and Galloway working with senior pupils in local schools to give them the skills to set up and run a business. And, as district manager for SP Energy networks with responsibility for over 100 people who live locally and shop in Dumfries, Kenny is keen to facilitate deployment and connection of renewables and electric vehicle chargers within existing networks.

Tony Fitzpatrick

Tony has been involved in economic development, community development and extensive partnership building and engagement for over 40 years, at regional, national and European level. He was a key driver in the establishment of the South of Scotland Alliance which produced Scotland’s first Small Towns Report. As Director for Economic Regeneration with D&G Council, Tony had responsibility for Strategic Housing and Planning as well as Regeneration which involved strategic investment in towns across the region including Stranraer Waterfront and major house-build investment in Dumfries and Stranraer.

More recently, Tony was employed by the University of Glasgow as Director for the Crichton Institute on the Crichton Campus. Currently, Tony is the Chair of the board of The Stove Network which has been instrumental in driving creatively led community development and place making in and beyond Dumfries.

Tony is passionate about the evolution of DPAG as a community-driven initiative. Having been previously engaged in agency-led programmes, it has been really encouraging to witness the positivity and commitment of those volunteer organisations and individuals who have overseen the delivery of the DDD Action Plan; a plan which truly reflects the views of local businesses, local people and visitors to the town. “Delivering our new action plan will ensure a truly dynamic and different kind of future for the town”.

Eric Craig

Eric Craig

“Dumfries has great past but has to build an environment that faces the challenges of the future”.

Having worked for over 35 years in the NHS and social care, Eric wants to help DPAG’s vision and plan to become a reality. Eric believes that the key to this is ‘local engagement’ by reaching out to individuals and community representatives and being seen to act, not just listened to. Eric is positive that DPAG must reflect the priorities of the local community and is certain that his experience has provided him with the skills and abilities to engage with communities in both deprived and wealthy areas, of Dumfries. Eric engages effectively with individuals, community groups, statutory, non-statutory and 3rd party colleagues and is keen to deploy these skills as a Trustee.

Eric says the following of Dumfries:

“Dumfries requires sympathetic regeneration to become a destination for Dumfries and Galloway that people want to visit and become an economic and social hub for the region. It can be a lead in culture, education and employment with focus on sustainability and using its natural resources. Having community spaces that people enjoy, and are stimulated by, at all ages and levels of ability. Engaging with the fantastic environment of the area and supporting wider activities in the region to increase footfall and visitor numbers. Being a safe and responsible environment for all to become an area we can be proud of, and people will visit for fun, entertainment and relaxation”.

Anne Lindsay

Anne Lindsay

Gilbert West

Gilbert has a background in renewable energy finance and development of online tools. He grew up in Dumfries and returned in 2021. He's building a business that helps people develop career paths into frontline jobs in the renewables industry. He's a volunteer at Sandside Community garden and organises a weekly collection of coffee waste from cafes in town which is composted at the garden. He's also a volunteer Bikeability instructor in D&G primary schools and manages the active travel parts of DPAG's work.

Sitki Nalci